Christmas Tree

A card that says “thinking of you,” not “oh, that’s today?”

Christmas Tree

Molly Shimko

($0.50 Stamp Included)

Hand-drawn and inked Christmas card. Perfect to show someone you love that you care this holiday season! Card measures 4.25" x 5.5". All cards come with a pre-stamped envelope.
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Christmas Tree

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Molly Shimko
Molly Shimko is an illustrator and life-long doodler originally from Vermont, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. She began creating hand drawn cards for family and friends many years ago and before she knew it, Mko Paper Designs was born! As the original design that inspired her to begin illustrating professionally was a pair of kitties, 10% of each Mko Paper Designs card sale is donated to The Upper Valley Humane Society in Enfield, NH, the original home of all of Molly’s family cats (Bailey, Mandy, and Aine!)