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Frequently Asked Questions

We make card buying and giving effortless. If you have any questions not addressed below, send us an email! We’ll be happy to help.

What if I'm not going to be home when the card will be delivered?

If you know that you won't be home before a delivery just send us an email at support@thegreetingcardclub.com. We'll happily mail the card to wherever you will be. You can also choose "Automated Delivery" and we'll mail the card for you. We promise that your card will be delivered no matter where you are.

Can I see how your penman writes my message?

Of course! Weeks before the card needs to go out, you'll get an email from us with a picture of how your message looks like once it's written by our penman.

How does "Direct Delivery" work?

We'll mail the card you chose to your mom, dad, or whoever! Include a message that you want written in the card and our master penman will write it beautifully, exactly as you want it. The card will be signed by you and will be sent with your return address.

Do you guys sell more than birthday cards?

We have always wanted to be the place you can come for every card occasion. We are starting with birthday cards and taking customer feedback to deliver the best service. We look forward to continuing to expand our product offering to other card occasions!

Am I signing up for an annual subscription ?

Yes if you subscribed for Club Preferred. Our Club Basic will always be free. If you want to compare plans, check out this page.

Is the "free" version actually free?

Yes it is! You get 15% off cards plus free occasion reminders

Can I just buy a card one off?

Absolutely! You don't get the same savings, but you can buy as many cards as you like without joining the club.

When do I get billed for each card?

If you buy a card one off you get billed at the moment you check out. If you buy membership for the Club Preferred you'll be charged $2 up front, and get 40% off each card that you get.

What if I want to cancel my annual subscription?

Email us at support@thegreetingcardclub.com and we can switch your plan from Club Preferred to Club Basic.

Will I get to choose what card?

Of course! Select a card from our collections, tell us who it's for, and we'll send it out.

Can you just mail the card directly to my mom?

Sure, we'll take care of the everything. Choose "Direct Delivery" or "Handwritten Delivery" and type the message that you want us to write in the card, and then check out. Don't forget to call your mom on her birthday!

What exactly is "Easy Peasy"?

It's our way of making your life as easy as possible. When you add reminders, or schedule a card delivery, you can opt for "Easy Peasy." We'll hand select a card for you and a few weeks before the occasion, we'll email you a picture of the card that we chose, along with other card options.

Do you ship internationally?

We are happy to make this work. Reach out to us before or after checkout and we can work out how to make this possible. Feel free to contact us at support@thegreetingcardclub.com if you want us to send your cards abroad!

How can I work with you and showcase my cards on your site?

We love meeting and working with amazing designers. If you want to join our club fill out the information here.

What if my cards come damaged, or doesn't show up at all?

That's our worst nightmare. Our goal is make sure that your cards arrive in perfect condition and on time. If there are any issues, send us an email ASAP at support@thgreetingcardclub.com

When will my delivery arrive

While we are an early stage bootstrapped team, we always want to guarantee the service we provide. So in these early day we estimate 7-10 days for Designer cards and 3-5 days for GCC Standard cads.

What if I don't like my cards?

If one of our cards looked better on the site than in your hands, drop us an email at support@thegreetingcardclub.com. We'll make it right.

If you have any other questions or feedback, email us or drop us a line below.

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