About Us

Just some people who hate forgetting grandma's birthday

Shouldn't sending cards be easy? We realized that we kept forgetting the birthdays of our moms, grandparents, and loved ones. Sure Facebook told us about the 100s of birthdays of people that we're connected with online, but ironically, it became hard to remember the birthdays of people we actually cared about.

When we did remember a birthday, we either didn't have time to buy a card, didn't have stamps, or simply forgot to send the card we had bought in time for them to receive it on their birthday.

We wanted to create an simpler way to be thoughtful. Our goal is to make giving cards as easy as possible, so you can keep being busy, traveling, or working, and still be able to show how much you care. That is why we created The Greeting Card Club.

We take care of everything for you! Remind, Provide, Personalize and Deliver cards to the people that matter most.