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Pompeo POttery

Unique Porcelain & Stone Collection

Unique & modern pottery made by our master in porcelain & stones

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Cards come with
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Thoughtfulness Made

Cards come with
pre-stamped envelope!

When we did remember a birthday, we either didn't have time to buy a card, didn't have stamps, or simply forgot to send the card we had bought in time for them to receive it on their birthday.

The Premium Card Buying Service

We wanted to create an simpler way to be thoughtful. Our goal is to make giving cards as easy as possible, so you can keep being busy, traveling, or working, and still be able to show how much you care. That is why we created The Greeting Card Club.

Happy Llama-Days

This card is printed on 110 lb card stock. Scored, folded, and packaged by hand! Card is sized at 4.25 x 5.5 inches. All cards come with a pre-stamped envelope.

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Monkey Around

Thoughtfulness made simple. Send some love with this design brought to you by The Greeting Card Club. All cards come with a pre-stamped envelope.

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